I pose a question: is nudity the answer to world peace? Before you accuse me of being some sort of sexual deviant, let’s explore it a bit more. I think there’s a powerful thought there.

For starters, it would just make fighting more difficult. Armies stopped using armored ‘packages’ to strike fear in the hearts of our enemies centuries ago, but the more advanced we get, the more soldiers look like characters from Halo. It’s easy to be brave when you’re covered head-to-toe in Infinity Armor and look like Dr. Doom without a cape, but let’s see how tough you are with the boys hanging in the breeze.

Another benefit is that it’s just difficult to take someone seriously when they’re nude. Naked people look ridiculous. Like grown babies. Try being seriously mad at someone when they’re naked. Go ahead. Strip down and start yelling.

Whether or not getting naked will help solve world strife, only time will tell. But let’s be real, is it any crazier than war? Not in my mind. Next time conflict is staring you in the face, hang some brain or let the girls fly loose. For peace. And, if you’re afraid of being picked up by the cops (although you could make an argument for civil disobedience), support peace by showing that you’re not afraid to mix nudity and war.

Peace awaits, friends. Let’s get naked.

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