Suggest A Shirt

If there’s a t-shirt that you would like to let us know about, please feel free to send it in via email. Please give us as much information as you have about the shirt. A little back-story goes a long way in improving the odds of the t-shirt being run on the site.

One thing you need to understand is that we can’t run every submission that gets sent in. There are just more new t-shirts than there are days in the week. In other words, it’s not you — it’s us. Don’t hate.

Some t-shirts we’ll just never run. For example, anything that comes from a CafePress store. No matter how good the design is, they don’t have the quality control for it to come out looking good. At all.

Here’s the details if you’re still reading:

  • Email: gregg [at] preshrunk [dot] org
  • Twitter: @preshrunk

We Love Free Stuff

If you would like to send us products for consideration (Mens – XL, Womens – M), you can mail them to:

Gregg Hilferding
8600 Hidden River Parkway
Suite 400
Tampa, FL 33637

Since we don’t run everything we get, you probably want to contact us first so you don’t waste the t-shirt and postage. If we like it and it fits, we’ll wear it until it has those big weird holes in the armpits and all the ink cracks. If we like it and it doesn’t fit, we’ll give it away to our readers.

If you send us a shirt and we don’t like it, we’ll probably give it to the local Goodwill. If we hate it, we might be too embarrassed & simply toss it in the trash. Either way, you won’t get the t-shirt back.