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About: Gregg

Gregg is an absolute t-shirt fanatic with a personal t-shirt collection stored in footlockers, totes, drawers, and neat piles on the floor. Gregg took over the reins of Preshrunk in 2010.

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404 T-Rex Not Found

Some days you just have to step away from the computer. Not because you wantto, but because everything is broken.  Continue Reading »

How to Tie a Tie

Let’s address the 2,000 pound gorilla in the room. You don’t know how to tie a tie. You are 30  Continue Reading »

Boom Stick

Facing undead hordes can be hard work. But if you’re able to rise to the occasion, there’s only one way  Continue Reading »

Ziggy Startrooper

“Aren’t you a little fabulous for a Stormtrooper?” is what all the chicks will be saying when you wear this  Continue Reading »

Cat Butt

It’s no wonder that cats rule the Internet. I mean, the ancient Egyptians had it right when they made them  Continue Reading »

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