This entire post exists for two reasons.

First, so I can throw some love at Panic for making the sexiest web shopping experience ever. Seriously, go to that page and drag shirts in and out of the shopping cart. They were also the first place with a one-page checkout. Take that, Amazon.

Second, they’re getting rid of a bunch of inventory for the holidays and charging just $10 a shirt. They’re the first place I knew of to carry Katamari Damacy tees & they have Noby Noby Boy, whatever that is. Plus, they carry 2XL and 3XL for us fatties. ;)

I picked the Transmit shirt to feature above because it’s a shirt about their FTP client software but it actually looks kinda cool. When I can wear a shirt about a piece of software I love and not look like I got it at a nerd convention, I’m happy.

Update: They sold out of XXL while I was writing this post for you. :( GUYS, YOU MADE ME MISS OUT ON GETTING THE SHIRT I WANTED. NOT COOL.

Update 2: I’ve thought about it and it’s cool. Just don’t let it happen again, k?

$10 (Holiday Sale) | URL | Paypal, Credit | M: S, XXL, XXXL, F: S – XL