Marmite = TruthThis is very American of me to say, but I never have understood the appeal of Marmite. The Vitamin B enriched spread of brewer’s yeast extract never really appealed to me. In fact, I think it tastes horrible. It’s nowhere near as awful as Vegemite, but it’s pretty close.

Now, I know the rookie’s mistake is to drop a thick layer of spread, but I’ve never done that. Thanks to a friend who introduced me to the ritual of Marmite consumption, I’ve always spread it on in the thinnest possible layer. Still, out of the three times I’ve given it a shot it’s always made me feel utterly sick. It just doesn’t sit right on my stomach.

For those of you who happen to think I’m crazy for hating on Marmite, I’ve sniffed out this tee just for you. It’s perfect for wearing around the house while munching on a Marmite and cheese sandwich, or so I’ve been told…

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