Bunny HeadphonesKozyndan are a husband and wife team of illustrators who drop some of the craziest art I’ve ever seen. Salarymen dressed up as schoolgirls. A tidal wave of bunny rabbits. Animal orgies. An army of Lucky Cats marching down a deserted street. I’m pretty sure both Kozy and Dan are mildly insane, but to create great art you sort of have to be.

I really dig the simplicity of their Bunny Headphones shirt. Since I’m a fan of the ear goggles, this makes the cockles of my heart warm. Besides, my girlfriend called it “adorable”. Since she’s a better meter of what the ladies in the audience might dig, I thought I’d go ahead and run it. Como se dice “pussywhipped”?

P.S. While you’re there, do stop in and check out their online gallery. It’s chock full of some wonderfully warped stuff.

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