Resist Much, Obey Little“We are tired of your abuse / Try to stop us, it’s no use”

Black Flag “Rise Above”

Sometimes culture jammers can get a bit too self-righteous. Sure, TV is brainwashing the masses into mindless drones and making us culturally vapid. Yes, it is unfortunate. I happen to subscribe to the theory that as long as one is aware that the wool is being pulled over their eyes, they can always work at pulling it back.

This tee over at Are You Generic appeals to the dissatisfied teenage punk inside me. I’m not really sure how using my credit card to purchase this shirt will “stick it to the man”, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

Update: Rony from Are You Generic was nice enough to offer Preshrunk readers a special deal. Just enter 2PNC87 at checkout to get a 10% discount on anything in their store.

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