Here’s one for all you Anglophiles out there. (I’m really hoping you read that in Casey Kasem’s voice. Sidebar – Casey Kasem’s still kicking around. I hope I sound that sultry when I’m nearly 90.)

It’s Brit Skull – and it makes a perfect belated Boxing Day gift for any Harry Potter fan that’s be-bopping around your world.

Now, I know that not all of us can pull off the look of these young inked bruisers, but flying the Union Jack on a skull that stretches your torso will certainly send Her Majesty a message from her cousins across the pond.

And since I like you, and you probably don’t like currency conversion, 20 British sterlings is about 30 of our American dollars. Not bad, Sinstar.

$31.20 | URL Mens | Paypal  | M: XS – XL