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Monthly Archives: December 2011


Written on December 29, 2011 at 12:29 pm, by

Now that the holidays are (for the most part) blissfully over, ‘tis the season to treat myself to a piece  Continue Reading »

When Pigs Fly

Written on December 22, 2011 at 3:35 pm, by

I remember when my granddad used to offer me a twenty-dollar bill. When I went to grab it, he’d yank  Continue Reading »

Dance Your Ass Off

Written on December 15, 2011 at 9:52 am, by

When Kevin Bacon was taking guff from this shitkicker, did he sit there and just take it? No. Not only  Continue Reading »

Gorilla Cop

Written on December 8, 2011 at 1:27 pm, by

People may not always like dealing with the police – but you can bet things would be pretty tense if you  Continue Reading »

Home Geeves

Written on December 1, 2011 at 5:25 pm, by

When E.T. phoned home the first time, he had to make do with a busted milk crate and a ten-speed.  Continue Reading »