Sun Tzu knew that the subtlety of battle was a delicate dance. You have to draw your enemy close to do damage, but if they sense danger from afar, the jig is up. That’s the beauty of the Eff You t-shirt. It lures people in with a thank you, and then


Clocked straight upside the head with an old school eff bomb.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking – there’s no way I can wear this shirt around my family. Valid concern. I suggest moving in a serpentine fashion to throw them off your tail. That’s also one from Sun Tzu. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure he would have been one of the Eff You tee’s early adopters. You bet your buns if they had American Apparel preshrunk shirts in 5th century B.C., Tzu would have been rocking that. Daily.

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