I'm Soy Vegan

I’m Soy Vegan (for the third day in a row), originally uploaded by 摩根.

Perhaps it’s because I live in California — but I’ve recently realized that I’ve kind of got a lot of vegan friends. Like to the point where they ready to overtake the carnivores and omnivores in the numbers. Since they’re the awesome sort of vegans that don’t fret over me loving bacon and have rants about not being able to locate really good fake cheese tho, I really don’t mind so much. Actually, they’re some of the raddest people I know. And they’ve got kick ass food to boot.

Case in point, one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles is a vegan place by the name of Pure Luck. If you read that Yelp review, you might see why. Faux pulled pork and carnitas. Sweet potato fries. Plantain tacos. One of the best rotations of microbrewed beer on-tap. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

Anyhow, pretty much everything there is absolutely fucking delicious. In fact, if I could always have one within 10 minutes of me, I’d probably end up going vegan. But until that day comes, I’ll settle for being an omnivore.

So to all my peeps who don’t do the dairy or carne, this one off tee (made by the wearer, if I understand correctly) is for you. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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