Little Lebowski Urban AchieversBy no stretch of the imagination is this shirt the hands down best one that I’ve run since I’ve been back. The design is just sorta okay more than anything. I don’t want to knock it too much tho. I mean, it’s still better than anything I could have done.

Also, this shirt isn’t even printed on something that resembles a lightweight, fitted tee. In fact, it’s on a boxy Gildan blank. And while I hate to sound like a snob, I should point out that 80% of the t-shirts I wear now are printed on American Apparel 2001’s. It comes down to comfort more than anything.

But this is a Lebowski shirt. So that means that I have to run it. That’s right — I’m doing an entry on this tee merely because it contains a callback to my favorite movie on the entire planet. I hope that’s cool with y’all.

And even tho I came off a little insulting in the first part of this entry, I’ve gotta say that I appreciate this design quite a bit more than some of the other ham fisted ones I’ve seen around the internets. At the very least, the kids on the shirt are holding hands with a wheelchair bound Jeffrey Lebowski. They didn’t have to bother with digging up or creating that artwork, but they did. Actually, that’s a pretty nice touch.

Okay, so maybe I was sort of a dick. But everything is cool now that I’ve seen the error of my ways. Well, at least I think it is. *shrug* Fuck it. Let’s go bowling.

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