One upside to taking a bit of time off from doing a daily t-shirt blog is coming back to find a whole bunch of rad tees. They’re all there, waiting to be ogled, lusted after and reviewed.

Frankly, my mind reels a bit at all the stuff I don’t even have any clue about. I feel like I’m in for an interesting few months — and y’all get to come along for the ride.

I’m lifting this one from Andy, because it’s pretty much the sex. Not only is it hella glam — it’s also super classy. Mixing two strong pop references like Marilyn Monroe and Stardust era Bowie is always a win as far as I’m concerned. Well, unless it’s implemented poorly. When it comes to this tee tho, that is most certainly not the case.

So drop the needle on Suffragette City and appreciate the halftone awesomeness of this epic tee. Seriously, you won’t be sorry if you do.

$21.00 | Credit | URL | M: S – 2XL, F: S – L