Okay, remember what I said about not being very partial to theme runs the other day? Well, fuck that noise! It’s my blog and I’ll break the rules whenever I damn well please.

Like remember when one of my rules was posting every day? Yeah, me too. *sigh*

So yes, it’s a t-shirt with a Star Wars reference for the second day running. Unlike the last one tho, this shirt is set in Helvetica and just so happens to be a callback to one of my favorite Experimental Jetset tees of all time.

As far as I’m concerned, that means it gets a pass. And two tees with a common frame of cultural reference hardly constitutes a theme run anyhow. It’s more like a rock block. A two for Tuesday, if you will. But you know, on Thursday and Saturday…

Okay. Perhaps that was a poor analogy. Whatever. I’m tired, this shirt is rad — ’nuff said!

$25.00 | PayPal | URL | M: S – 2XL