Giant Robot, HelveticaWere someone to ask me what my favorite magazine is, I’d say Giant Robot without hesitation. They’re only a quarterly, but they’ve managed to cover almost every imaginable facet of Asian pop culture since 1994.

I met the GR staff at a zine fest back in Orange around 1996. All of them were really nice folks who seemed really happy that their humble little mag had struck a chord with so many people. They gave me a whole mess of stickers and a couple back issues in trade for my folded over little eight page rag. I thought that they were gods at the time… and in a way, I still sorta do.

Last year, Giant Robot released their 10th anniversary shirt – a breezy logotype done up in Helvetica. If they had a size larger than XL, I’d get one for all the swag they hooked me up with back in the day. Even if my mom did “accidentally” throw it all out a week after I met them…

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