That’s all you need to make a Powerpuff Girl. Imagine having a little girl with no fingers and humongous eyes that can fly around and save the day. If I were Professor Utonium I would be the proudest father of all time. Not just because I made daughters without a mother, but because those daughters became such great heroes despite their deformities. I mean, no fingers? Eyes that take up half of their face? No nose? These girls, were they not drawn, would look like freaks of nature. A live-action Powerpuff Girls would be a body horror monstrosity with an uplifting message about looking past that horror to see the hero beneath. I can imagine in the first few nights with the newly-formed Powerpuff Girls in the house, the professor slept with one eye open. Wrap this cloth around your torso to remind you how NOT to make a perfect little girl.

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