This shirt combines two of my favorite things in the world: Star Trek and alcohol. Now, let me pull on my Starfleet issued Trekkie pants and pick this scene apart. No doubt Spock would hold his liquor the best out of the entire Enterprise crew just by virtue of being half Vulcan. Of course, this is just conjecture since, as he said himself “[Vulcans] were spared the dubious benefits of alcohol.” What we see on this shirt is a Spock struggling to stay standing while Sulu (probably a lightweight) drunkenly jumps on his back. They all are holding what appear to be beer bottles, but we know Scotty is a scotch drinker and Chekov would never stray from the motherland’s vodka. We’ll give Scotty a pass, though, since he’ll probably drink anything that’s fermented once he’s tipsy enough. Anyway, this shirt is fantastic and you should buy it. Just don’t give Sulu a rapier while he’s in this condition.

$23.99 | URL | Paypal Credit | M: XL – 2XL, F: S – L