A little while ago, I spent some time thinking about why I can never seem to resurrect this site.  I mean, there’s been so many stops and starts around here that it borders on ridiculous.  And that just makes me sad.  Anyhow, after a lot of deep examination, I figured out that the thing constantly causing problems in this whole equation was me.

When I started the site, I was in my mid-20’s working in a boring office job with a lot of downtime.  After an afternoon of dicking around at work and looking at tees with my pal Frazier, I realized that there were no blogs dedicated to finding and reviewing t-shirts.  So I started Preshrunk.  And until I lost my boring office job a little over a year later, I could keep up with posting almost every day.

But then I couldn’t.  My job and personal life sucked the will to stay on top of posting out of me.  I had other things to pay attention to.  Much more important things.

I kept feeling bad about walking off and ignoring the site for months at a time, so I’d come back — but it was never the same.  Besides, so many other t-shirt blogs had popped up since I’d started that it was hard for me to link a tee that someone else had found and covered weeks (or months) before.

Eventually, my heart stopped being in it.  So I decided to sell Preshrunk to someone who would take care of it.

Now don’t think for a second that I’m flipping the site to make bank off of it.  The buyer — who’ll introduce himself in a later post — is paying a modest but fair price.  In fact, he wasn’t even the highest bidder.

So why did I agree to sell to him?  Well, he sent me a pretty compelling mail that convinced me that the site would do well under his watchful eye.  And I bought it.

We’re working out how to get everything transferred over now.  Hopefully, nothing will go sideways on us while that’s all going on — but if it does, you can bet your ass that it’ll get sorted back out quickly.  I’m going to do everything I can to make this transition as smooth as possible.

No matter what tho, please be patient and stick around.  I mean, if you’re reading this, you’re still checking this blog out after years of neglect — and bravo for that — but don’t bail on us now.  The guy taking over the site is totally intent on returning this old bucket of bits to its former glory — and I seriously think he can pull it off.

Anyhow, so long and thanks for all the hits!

P.S. If you want to keep up with me in my post-Preshrunk life, feel free to check out my just as seldomly updated personal blog or follow me on Twitter.