Man, 2009 was not a good year for us, was it?

It was our 5th year as a blog and I only managed to do two posts in April and the one that you’re reading right now. For something that started out with so much promise — and content — that’s just embarrassing.

The fact of the matter is, when I started Preshrunk I was at a dead end job with a lot of downtime. Enough to spend my day combing the internets in search of some really epic tees. And I think I did an alright job for the first year or so.

But then, for whatever reason, the people providing me with my goldmine of downtime stopped doing so. So I had to find myself a new gig. Fortunately, DreamHost came along and scooped me up.

And just like anyone at a new job, I wanted to make the people that hired me happy that they did so. Work became my primary focus. Needless to say, the free time went to a trickle. Furthermore, since I was spending a lot of my time at work troubleshooting WordPress sites, the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time staring at it when I got home. My motivation was sapped. In turn, Preshrunk started to suck. Like a lot.

Sure, I’d start to give a shit once or twice a year — but that isn’t enough to retain an audience. Even if most of my readers are “set it and forget it” RSS people, the lulls in posting probably aren’t all that fun for people who are used to the sort of rapid fire shit from Twitter and Tumblr.

So what does that mean for Preshrunk?

Well, I’ve considered killing this sad bastard of a site off and replacing it with a tumblelog, but that’d mostly end up breaking the permalinks and killing any character that we’ve ever managed to have.

There was also a recent offer of purchase from a high-profile party. And while the price was a good one, I couldn’t let someone else write for something that I’d put so much of myself into.

Right. I haven’t really answered that last question tho, have I? Where does that leave us?

Well, I guess at this point I can either let things continue to die a slow, painful death — or I can do my best to drag Preshrunk’s severely charred carcass out of the ashes and try to bring it back from the dead in 2010.

Considering the new theme and this somewhat long-winded post, I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about my decision…