I’m just going to come out and say that I’m not quite sure that Joey Ramone would really approve of a couture reproduction of a cheeky tee that he used to rock. I mean, forty dollars?! Really? For that sort of scratch, it better be printed on a really nice blank. And I’m not talking about American Apparel, either. I was thinking about something more along the lines of an organic cotton and bamboo blend, hand sewn by a very peaceful vegan co-op outside of Austin.

Worn Free doesn’t actually say what blanks they use tho. There’s no mention of if they’re fitted or not either. If there’s some magical page or FAQ that I missed, I’d love to see it. Not knowing that information makes me really leery of even buying one to check it out.

Despite my complaints about cost, these shirts are pretty rad. To the point where I’ve actually had dreams of owning them. You might think that’s pretty common for someone as obsessed with tees as I am — but the fact that I even remember one of my dreams is actually pretty remarkable.

All they need to do is drop the price point to something a bit more reasonable. Even at $25.00, I’d buy half a dozen of them in a heartbeat. Until then, I’ll look on from afar and wait for a sale…

$40.00 | Credit | URL | M: XS – 2XL , F: S – L