Art, Music, Jaffa Cakes

IMG_0509.JPG, originally uploaded by Jeanne P Meyer.

Oh shit…. If I were asked to chose between one of the three of these, I’d have a helluva time picking. With that being said, I’m pretty sure music would edge out Jaffa Cakes by a thin margin. After all, as wonderfully tasty as Jaffa Cakes can be, my need to rock out is often times far stronger.

Sorry about that, art. I know hearing that a snack food rates higher must sting. Honestly, it’s nothing personal. Your contributions to society and culture are rad. And I seriously love the shit you’ve done with folks like Andy Warhol, Banksy, kozyndan, Shepard Fairey and whatnot.

When it comes down to it tho, I just really like Jaffa Cakes more. My waistline is proof positive of that. Hopefully you understand, art…

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