There’s no way I’m going to call this a comeback. It’s more like I’ve heard the call and I’ve realized that it’s time to fuck shit up. There’s been a lot of really valid demand the past month or so for me to dust this site off and I’ve kept dragging my feet when it comes to actually doing that.

So what the exactly have I been up to? Well, work has been keeping me plenty busy as it is. Add to that the facts that I’ve been busy finding and moving into a bachelor pad in beautiful North Hollywood as well as helping to build a really awesome community of folks in the Los Angeles area and you’ll see that I’ve sort of had my plate full.

But that’s no excuse. When I started Preshrunk, the biggest thing that I loved about it was that the pace of one or two t-shirts a day, Monday thru Friday was something I could take care of in about 30 to 45 minutes. That little bit of work netted me a lot of praise and got me linked from sites like BoingBoing. People loving what you do because you do what you love is a powerful feeling — and a great motivator. It and all of the awesome free shirts I managed to pull down kept me going for the first year of this site. But then something changed and that motivation dried up. Other t-shirt blogs started popping up left and right and I started getting worried about being “first” with a new design. The posts got more sporadic and I started getting all emo by adding “*shrug*” to pretty much every entry. It wasn’t 100% bad — but it wasn’t really that great either.

Inevitably, there were stretches where posts wouldn’t happen for months at a time. And I’d almost always come off a break by making some sort of reference to how busy I’d been — but that was going to change, dammit. I would make time for Preshrunk again and bring it back to its former luster.

The fact of the matter is, my apathy was killing me. My ambition always ended up being handicapped by my laziness — and that’s never any good.

I turned 30 a couple weeks back and the time leading up to it really ended up putting a few things into perspective. Which is where today’s shirt comes into play. For too long, I’ve let my fear of failure get in the way of doing some really awesome shit. That’s honestly fucked me up something fierce in a few parts of my life. So enough is enough. Just because there are around 65 t-shirt blogs doesn’t mean that Preshrunk can’t go back to its previous luster as the place to come for t-shirt related awesomeness. I’m not going to let that little nagging voice in my head tell me any differently either.

I know I’ve said it before but we’ve got some really big things planned. 2008 is totally going to be Preshrunk’s year. Just you watch…

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