User Generated Discontent

Inspired by Anil, originally uploaded by heather. [via]

You know, I think that it’s time for a brand new regular feature. Do any of you remember when I used to do those? You used to be able to depend on getting something other than t-shirt reviews from me at least one day out of the week. So in the interest of writing about something different for a change, I’m unveiling the optimistically named “Tee Of The Week”. This is just a way to showcase either hand made, limited run or interesting t-shirt photos from Flickr once a week.

First on the docket is this Neighborhoodies produced tee by one Heather Powazek Champ, Community Manager for Flickr and all around awesome photographer. Inspired by Anil Dash‘s “User Generated Discontent” quip on Twitter, this shirt is perfectly nerdy and wonderful for somebody who keeps a patient eye on one of the largest community driven photo sites out there.

If you’ve got a candidate for Tee Of The Week, feel free to let us know about it. If we dig it too and end up running it, we’ll be more than happy to give you full credit (see: link love) for pointing us at it.