Despite the fact that my belly is full of extremely delicious fish tacos right now, the thought of some chicken adobo has my mouth watering. It’s practically the national dish of the Philippines — and if you’ve ever had it before, you’d know why. If you haven’t tho, you might want to find a recipe online and give it a go. I know that there’s some floating around out there that are so simple that even a fairly hapless bachelor — like me, for example — could whip it up given the right ingredients.

I’ve grown pretty tired of Adidas logo remix tees — mostly because a lot of them involve pot — but Blacklava‘s take is good enough to be far more tolerable than the others. Hell, it’s good enough to be run here…

Okay, maybe that made me sound a little full of myself. But whatever. Who says I’m not entitled to a little ego flexing now and then?

P.S. My vegetarian/vegan homies can find a pretty tasty looking faux chicken adobo recipe if you do a little digging on Follow Your Heart’s recipe page.

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