Normally, I like to keep things really basic on a shirt. Keeping things easily digestible is always a good thing in my book. When I end up seeing too much shit on a shirt, it distracts me like crazy. Maybe that’s because I’m sort of ADD. *shrug* Who’s to say?

Despite that predisposition, I’m finding myself totally digging on Jeff Canham’s contribution to Aussie label 2×4. It’s probably the simple white line art on a kelly green shirt that’s doing it for me. The white/green color combo is one of my all time favorites — as if you couldn’t tell from the color scheme here — so I tend to have a favorable opinion of tees that do it well. In fact, I think it’s so well done that I’m willing to pimp it despite the fact that $45.00 AUD comes out to about $35.00 USD. That’s honestly too rich for my blood, but it might not be for you — so feel free to get in on it if you dig it enough.

$45.00 AUD | Credit | URL | M: S – XL