Yeah, I know — Heartcore Clothing‘s Transcend tee is sort of emo lookin’ to me too. Well, at least I think it looks emo. I’ll be perfectly honest with you tho — I don’t think I could seriously name a popular emo band that the kids are listening to these days. Do people still give two shits about Dashboard Confessional? Is emo even a popular genre anymore?

Man, I don’t like not knowing what the kids are or aren’t into. It makes me feel old and out of touch. The hippies used to say, “don’t trust anyone over thirty”. Seeing as how I just turned 29 a couple weeks back, I’m pretty sure that I’m not that far off from becoming The Man

Shit. I don’t want to be The Man! So I guess the $64,000 question is this: Do I fight it until it just becomes sad for me to keep pushing forward — or do I just end up resigning myself to a fate I may or may not belong in? Perhaps I can find a happy medium somewhere along the way. Here’s to hoping that’s the case.

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