Sometimes it’s nice to get little reminders of the spring and summer months in the dead of winter. Of course in California, there are always a few freakish breaks in the weather that act as reminders. Like when it’s 82簞 Fahrenheit out the day before Christmas. Those are days that I both love and am a bit weirded out by.

Right now my Dashboard weather widget says it’s 56簞 and raining. And while that’s a far sight better than the 30簞 and snow in New York, I kind of find myself longing for the late spring. Where I can sleep with my windows open and be comfortable. Waking up along with the Rain Birds on automatic timers and cooling off with a beer before heading to bed.

Of course you know the second it’s time to retire my hoodie for a few months, I’m instantly going to long for the winter again. I don’t think I can ever be truly satisfied with the weather. Is that sad?

Amtrea‘s done a smash up job of taking the iconic old school sprinkler head and boiling it down to its essence. It’s very home and garden store, but I dig that. From what I understand, they’re taking a midwestern influenced approach with their line and they really seem to have pulled it off quite well. They’re seriously worth a look if you’re looking for something a bit different. I know I am.

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