The kids at new tee label Max Fischer were nice enough to send along their most recent design, “Official Uniform” which is a tuxedo tee style take on their namesake’s Rushmore uniform.

Now while I don’t normally go for tuxedo tees, I’m running this on the fact that I really like Wes Anderson movies. They’re always full of quirky little bits of humor and tiny touches of detail that not many directors bother to put in their films. Those sort of extra things go a long way for me. Speaking of extras, the tee comes with a whole slew of extras like Max’s “Punctuality Award” and “Perfect Attendance” pins rendered as one-inch buttons and a wonderful “I saved Latin.” sticker. Those also manage to go a long way.

The fact that they also sent me a 2XL — despite the fact that the design only goes up to XL in their shop — is a nice touch. Seriously t-shirt companies, that sort of thing really means a lot to a tubby guy who can’t wear half of the shirts he reviews.

You really shouldn’t let that bias sway you tho… This shirt really is worth at least a passing look because it is interesting and different and pretty fucking outstanding. So what are you waiting for? Go already!

$15.00 | PayPal | URL | M: S – XL