Oh, Led Zeppelin… My inner teenage stoner thinks you’re so fucking cool. My inner indie rock snob, on the other hand, wants to cut you out of his life completely — but the stoner always pleads to keep a few of your mp3s around.

The stoner’s argument is always the same, too. “C’mon, man… They should be allowed to stay because of that whole When The Levee Breaks sample in Rhymin & Stealin, shouldn’t they?” And for some reason, the snob always falls for it. In celebration, the stoner ends up cranking his old cassette copy of Led Zeppelin I while the snob sulks off to read Stereogum.

So it should go without saying that the stoner is squealing at Waterloo’s exceptional Zep tee. He’s also pretty happy at the fact that entering the code “preshrunk” at checkout will end up getting him 10% off his purchase. Now all he needs to do is head down to the Coinstar to figure out if he’s got enough change laying around the house to buy it.

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