Alright, it’s track jacket time… Don’t worry Andy, I’m not whaling my way into your territory or anything. I just thought this design was too damn clever to pass up. Feel free to bite it if you want… ;)

Now, I wouldn’t think to call myself a design geek so much as I would a design admirer. Design geeks, for the most part, can actually crank out pretty looking things with a little bit of effort. Sure they might be whatever trend is the big thing at the time, but at least the things they make manage to look nice. And while I’m passingly familiar with grid layouts and typography, I don’t think I could assemble the things that I know into something which people would want to look at or admire.

Still, I get what Veer’s going for here. What’s more, thinking about simply zipping up as a visual aide during the explanation of kerning makes me giggle a bit. I’ll laugh at anything tho, so take that however you want to.

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