So before anyone accuses me of aping Andy at Hide Your Arms, I swear that I’ve been fucking around with a draft copy of this post for at least the past 36 hours. And were it not for work, my personal life and a Gnarls Barkley show — it probably would have been published long before now.

Okay. Enough excuses already! It’s time to shit or get off the pot and actually write something, isn’t it?

So perhaps it’s just me, but this shirt reminds me of the ads for X-Ray Specs in the back of old issues of Boys’ Life and comic books. Between those and the “build your own flying saucer!” plans, I remember being bilked out of at least eight dollars and a few self addressed stamped envelopes.

Oh well… At least the whoopee cushion, joy buzzer and fake dog doo that I bought made up for it.

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