Let’s go on an adventure, kids…

What kind of adventure, Jason?

How about an underwater one? With salty old men in diving bells searching for barnacle encrusted, sunken battleships. And with seahorses darting gently thru beds of kelp, as skin divers in search of buried treasure gracefully glide thru the waters above.

What about octopuses? Are there any of those?

Octopuses! Of course! Loads of them! Standing guard over a lost city. Laying in wait for someone to stumble across them. Waiting for whoever comes along to give them a reason to attack. Does that sound like the sort of story you want to hear?

Yes! Yes! We would! We would!

Too bad. I don’t feel like telling a story about that sort of shit. Now, run along… And while you’re up, bring me a beer.

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