Much like our overwhelming love for cephalopods, Sarah and I sort of have this thing for panda bears.

Oddly enough, it all springs from that weirdly awesome Milky Way commercial where the tiny lady pops out of the candy wrapper to perk up a sullen, bearded guy. It all started as a simple, mimicked call and response with us…

Sarah: Why so blue, panda bear?
Jason: Whatev.

Since we both found this to be extremely funny, things would degrade to stupid giggle fits. Yeah, it’s kind of retarded — but that’s us. Eventually, Sarah just started calling me panda bear and it sort of stuck. Love’s sort of sickening sometimes, isn’t it?

So as a little nod to the pet name spawned by an ephemeral bit of corporate advertising, I’ve started looking for quirky [non-stuffed] panda things for my very favorite gal. And while I’ve only managed to score a weird Japanese cell phone charm for her so far, I just know that she’ll love the hell out of this shirt from B1 Originals. I mean, I do…

$16.00 | PayPal | URL | M: S – XL