As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve started running banner ads on Preshrunk. While we hate ads as much as you do, we’re just hoping that we can cover our costs.

And by cover our costs, we mean that Jason’s still unemployed and his emergency fund is running low on money. Instead of begging for it however, he’s decided to sell off the ad space to the readers — that would be you — for the rest of May as well as the first week of June if the fairly reasonable goal of $500 is met.

Of course nothing’s stopping some of y’all from configuring a simple Greasemonkey script to block the ads — but we like to think that the content we churn out is worth something to you at least a few of you.

But what if the goal of $500 isn’t met? Well, for every $125 that does manage to find it’s way into the kitty, we’ll pull the ads from the site for a week.

What’s more, we’re going to do our damnedest to make sure that we get at least one new post up every day, Monday thru Friday. Maybe if you guys are lucky, Jason will be so moved that we’ll be forced to crank out a post or two on the weekends.

As far as we can figure this isn’t that bad of a compromise, is it?

P.S. Just to sweeten the pot, I’ve got $200 in Threadless credits that I’ll gladly give away to a randomly selected donor who throws at least a fiver my way. Live in the US and want a subscription to the 12 Club? I’ll buy it for you. Would you like two $100 gift certificates? You got it! Would you prefer smaller denominations so you can share and give some to your friends? That’s totally cool of you — not to mention, completely doable.
P.P.S. I’d also be willing to part with a few $50 and $20 Threadless gift certificates for a few other randomly selected donors.
P.P.P.S. Thanks to Scott and Micah for donating before I had a chance to throw up a proper post about this. You two rule.

Update: It’s only been 12 hours and we’ve almost hit the halfway point! To stay good to my word, I’ll drop the banners from the site in a few hours. Thanks to everyone for pitching in so far…