I think I like this shirt because it reminds me of my younger brother, Jim. Despite being my flesh and blood — not to mention sharing a room with me for 17 years — Jim isn’t into the whole indie thing all that much. I’m pretty sure he can’t stand most of the music1, and I know for a fact that he’d rather clean his guns than check his email. Maybe there was a mix up at the hospital…

Even if we do happen to share DNA with one another, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to be into all of the same stuff, I guess. I’d be willing to bet that most identical twins eventually manage to evolve some separate tastes somewhere down the line.

Now while Jim’s “Cowboys From Hell” tee will do for an afternoon of rebuilding his transmission, he knows better than to go out for the evening rocking it if he wants to take a lady home. Since I know his tastes pretty well, I’m fairly certain that this shirt from Spraygraphic Apparel would be right up his alley2. It does a pretty good job of saying, “I know the errant bits of dirt and oil under my nails might betray me as a bit of grease monkey, but at least I know how to dress myself when I’m not under the hood of a car.”

So if you’re a grease monkey — or you just happen to know one — put this tee on your list. Or don’t. See if I care. *sigh* I just thought you might appreciate something nice, that’s all…

P.S. This design is also available in gal friendly sizes and a zipper hoodie. Cheers, yo!

  1. Let’s just say that he prefers Pantera over The Postal Service, okay?
  2. Despite the rest of the site being full of shirts that he’d never be caught dead wearing, but I really happen to like.

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