Does anyone else find it kind of funny that I’m running a hoodie at the end of the winter season?

No? Just me? *shrug* Fair enough.

With all the spring showers and a few crisp summer nights at the beach ahead of us, I guess running a hoodie is still okay for a few of y’all. Especially the ones who weren’t blessed with the 65 degree, partly cloudy day that I got to witness this afternoon.

Anyhow… After spotting a pointer to Red Canary on the wonderfully hoodie centric Hide Your Arms, I fell in love with this clever, printed sleeve number featuring sumo wrestlers and bunnies. It’s a wonderfully quirky and altogether original idea that appears to be strictly for the ladies — but only because I’m not sure I could see most dudes rocking something with bunnies on the sleeves. Perhaps that’s just me tho…

$60.00 | Credit | URL | F: S – L