While this pirate tee from Illico is really sweet looking with its non-traditional art and colors and whatnot, I’m not quite sure I can justify the $54 price tag. In fact, I don’t think a pirate has ever paid that much for anything. Like ever.

Well, they might pay for some whores or a good bottle of rum after a decent round of plundering. Still, any of the pirates I’ve ever known — personally, at least — just straight up jack any shit that they might happen to need. That’s part of the pirates code, I think. Don’t pay for anything you can steal, or something.

So what exactly am I getting at here? Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you throw down the cheddar to buy this shirt, then you my friend, are no pirate.

It hurts to hear, I know… But sometimes that sort of thing just needs to be said. *shrug*

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