I sure as hell didn’t say cats!

Yes, I DID say dogs! I’m ALWAYS saying dogs!!

This shirt is very close to being the shirt of my life. It would actually BE the shirt of my life if the dog was hugging a giant squid and they were both wearing oh-so-whimsical Slash top hats….except for then the shirt would have to say, “Did you say dogs and giant squids and GUNS N’ FUCKING ROSES!?”

You can’t put all that on a shirt. Nobody would buy it. I probably wouldn’t even buy it. I would just wait until my birthday rolled around and somebody bought it FOR me. That’s the kind of girl I am. Broke? No. Financially conscientious? Yes. Frugal1, even!

Anyways, even without the giant squid and the top hats this shirt is totally cool. If you buy it and wear it, dogs won’t bite you. I promise. They’ll totally lick your face.

Editor’s Note: In a gesture similar to giving your significant other the key to your apartment, this post was written by my amazingly funny — not to mention sexy — girlfriend Yoko Sarah2. She might chime in from time to time in the future — but only when I’ll let her3.

  1. I don’t like the word “frugal”. It sounds too fat. I don’t know why. Maybe because it sounds a bit too much like “frumpy”…
  2. He might mention me all the time, but I’m sort of his muse.
  3. Because Jason is sort of a control freak like that.

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