It’s completely okay to hate on me for posting this shirt if you wear anything other than a 2XL – which is the only size for this tee that Manifest has left – but this is my blog. And I really do love this shirt.

So suck it up you skinny bitches… Look, I’ll hook you up tomorrow, alright?

Alright, maybe I’m a tad bit biased. During my little hiatus, Derek was nice enough to send over a couple shirts to try to get me back in the blogging mood. Out of the handful he sent over – all of which are fucking fantastic by the way – this one immediately went into my rotation. I mean, what’s not to love about being able to walk around wearing a big ol’ Wu Tang cheat sheet? It also does a really good job of confusing old people…

“Why does your shirt say ‘Meth’? Are you on the drugs?”
“No grandma, it’s a member of a hip hop group.”
“Hip hop, eh? … Are you sure you don’t ride the white pony?”
“That’s what they say about people who do heroin, grandma.”
“How do you know that?!”

Besides, isn’t confusing old people what fashion’s all about?

$21.00 | PayPal | URL | M: 2XL