I’m glad to see that such a wonderful, world renowned set of artists as Kozyndan are paying homage to what is perhaps the worst group of skaters I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

For those of y’all who don’t know, the Bad Skaters Club is none other than the venerable Sean Bonner, Bill Poon, and Jessica Gao. I’d call them the Traveling Wilburys of half-assed kickflips and fake out ollies, but the Traveling Wilburys actually had chops. This rag tag bunch? Not so much.

Well, they are pretty good at arguing with bums and doing laps around parking lots… *shrug* At least they’ve got that going for them, I guess.

Just do me a favor, okay? If you happen to see one of them skating, please don’t ask them to do a manual or a 50/50. Trust me, it really isn’t a very pretty sight…

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