As I walked down the street today I passed a exceedingly cute indie rock chick in a Paul Frank tee that was tight in all the right places. Since my penis does most of the thinking for me, I gave her a quick once over hoping she wouldn’t notice that my eyes were lingering on her chest.

Well, guess what? She noticed. But instead of being bitchy about it, she shot me a grin and a look of recognition.

Her: “Hey, aren’t you the guy who does Preshrunk?”
Me: “Uh, yeah… That’s me.”
Her: “Alright, cool. I thought so. Love the site.”
Me: “Thanks.”
Her: So why exactly have the posts been thin this month?”
Me: “Well, work’s got me busy. So much so that I feel burnt out by the end of the day.”
Her: “Oh, that sucks. Is work going to keep you that busy much longer?”
Me: “Probably, but I sure hope not…”
Her: “Yeah, me too. You’re fun to read when you actually update.”
Me: “Oh god. I’m really sorry about that.”
Her: “If you’re busy, it’s cool. But can you do me a favor when you get less busy?”
Me: “Depends on the favor.”
Her: “Do you think you could find a nice, girl friendly hoodie? I’d like to order one before it gets cold out.”
Me: “Tell you what… I’ll see what I can find, okay?”

So here you go, cute indie rock girl whose name I can’t recall… I really hope you dig this geektastic hoodie from the folks at Veer. And if you don’t, c’est la vie. At least I tried.

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