While sewing things onto t-shirts is nothing new, normally people use pretty standard fabrics like felt or corduroy. Yes Labs decided to take a different route with their Northcote tee. Sewn onto this tee is a 100,000 dinara note from Croatia, circa 1993 that has been dyed along with the organic cotton shirt. It’s a novel idea that’s got me wondering what else people will start sewing onto their garments in the name of fashion.

Now while it may be a bit odd to sport actual forigen currency on your tee, it’s still a pretty unique idea. By the way, if the forty dollar price tag is too rich, nothing other than laziness is stopping you from making your own logo free knock off. All you’d need is a 100,000 dinara note, a blank American Apparel tee, a bottle of Rit, a sewing machine and a free afternoon.

Hell, I’d even go so far as to wager that you could do it for under a Jackson…

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