Sean’s one half of the action packed, crime fighting duo that decided to unleash MetroBlogging onto the world. Alongside that, he runs the contemporary art gallery sixspace with his lovely wife Caryn Coleman in Los Angeles. Sean’s loves spending his leisure time squeezing off a few rounds at the local firing range, not eating meat and blogging on his personal site,

From June 11th to July 9th his afformentioned gallery is playing host to the pixeltastic tile and Rubick’s Cube mosiacs of french artist Invader. If you happen to be in the greater LA area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

We asked Sean for a peek inside his closet and he was more than happy to indulge us…

I was in 8th grade and I got a Bones Brigade t-shirt and remember the moment very clearly because I realized that finally I had a drawer full of t-shirts that I liked and had picked out myself and could finally get rid of the old t-shirts family members had given me for birthdays and holidays for the last few years. I remember how sacred those shirts were to me and I think about it every time I package up a load of shirts to drop off at Salvation Army or Goodwill which I have to do pretty regularly since I get so many all the time. A few years ago I got the idea that I didn’t want to be a billboard for anyone and tried to get rid of every logo shirt I had, and bought a ton of plain colored shirts to wear in their place. Of course there were lots that I couldn’t get rid of – ones I’d designed myself, ones friends had given me or just plain favorite designs. Since then the filter has gotten tighter but I’ve also gotten even cooler shirts. Trying to pick favorites is rough, I’ve got 4 drawers full of shirts I wear all the time so this is really more like 4 shirts that are on heavy rotation right now.

The Mid-West

I don’t know why I like this shirt so much, I’m not from or particularly fond of the mid-west but something about the “it’s in the middle” line makes me smile every time I read it.


Ecology Flag

I’ve wanted a shirt with this flag on it since I was in High School and first saw it. For one reason or another I never made one, luckily my friend Glen just did. I got this shirt about 2 weeks ago and have worn it probably 4 times since then. The only thing better than the shirt is the puzzled looks I get from so many people – one guy even asked me if it was some anti-american thing, I had to respond “depends on how you look at it” and walked away.


10 Points

I love Space Invaders. I love Invader. I love this shirt.


The Model Sons

I’m not sure how I ended up with two of this exact same shirt but I have two and I wear them all the time. My friend Scott plays in this band. I know he gave me at least one of the shirts at one point, I know they are from Boston and I have the CD, but other than that I couldn’t tell you much about them. This shirt on the other hand outright rules. I love everything about it and if I had 7 I’d wear them every day.


That s a bit of what’s in my closet right now. Check back in 6 months and it will be completely different.

Thanks for sending those tees along, Sean!