• Daniel Sale hates iron-on t-shirt transfers. You know what? We don’t blame him one bit.
  • Reader Erin Kenzie sent in a tip about artist Lynette May doing 100% custom robot shirts for $18.00, shipping included. This would be worthy of a full-on post if Lynette had a proper shopping cart set up. Still, it’s worth at least a mention for the concept alone.
  • Ted Leung’s got the bestest obsolete software t-shirts ever. All he needs is shirts for BeOS and Microsoft Bob and he’ll have amassed what could be the greatest collection on earth.
  • Oh, by the way… We’re going to be launching a new weblog in the first half of July. While it’ll have nothing to do with t-shirts or hoodies, we’re sure that some of you might be interested.

    If your interest has been piqued, visit Drinkish and sign up for the announce list. Everyone who has signed up by June 30th will get a chance to look at the site a whole 12-48 hours before the rest of the world.