Whenever I make it down to Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade I always manage to make two stops: The Apple Store and Kid Robot. Now, while Kid Robot deals mostly in urban vinyl toys, they’ve still got a few choice tees squirreled away on a very unassuming rack.

Last time we were there, the girlfriend fell in love with their stenciled logo tee and had to have one. In the month and a half that she’s had it, it has become one of her favorite tees – and that’s saying a lot for someone who doesn’t normally wear t-shirts.

Still, be forewarned… The design is really stenciled onto the shirt. We’re not talking about a pseudo stenciled silkscreening job. Also, the person in charge of stenciling shirts is a bit loose with where the stencil is placed and how much paint is used. So while every one is unique, none of them will turn out exactly like the one at left. Some may have a bit of bleed while others will suffer from underspray.

At least you’ll never run the risk of showing up to a party sporting the same shirt as someone else…

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