+ Thought the iPod shuffle shirt looked wonky? Well, TuneWear looks much, much worse. [via]

+ Hey, budding designers… Friends of the High Line are having a t-shirt design contest.

+ We may not agree with their business practices, but American Apparel has some nifty softcore porn. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing… And by “that thing” we mean really thin people in their underwear.

Update: Samuel Brewczynski writes…

Here’s an update to the whole American Apparel union busting ordeal. It seems that they have changed their ways since the UNITE union called them on their more nefarious conducts. Hopefully this means that they can be in our good graces again.

Hey, that’s good news. Thanks for the heads up, Sam!

+ Remember that Creative Commies shirt we posted four months ago? Well, the kids at Giant Robot Printing have since put the logo on a black shirt and a hoodie. They’ve also added a slogan tee to the mix. [via]