We’re going to break from form today with three shirts in one post. Crazy, I know! But when we get three great shirts on one site and we can’t pick our favorite one, this is what happens. MEGAPOST AHOY!

P.S. Thanks for the links, Matt. You have impeccable taste in shirts.

My inner Star Wars geek is happy to finally happy to have a better option for the Episode 3 premiere than my airbrushed Darth Maul tee. Seriously, that thing is getting ratty. Besides, I have a stonewashed jean jacket with the same art on it…

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It’s likely that I’m in love with this one because I spent a good portion of my arcade money on the Return of the Jedi game. I swear, that game and Tempest 0wn3d my childhood.

I’m also a real big sucker for vector art. So this shirt has that going for it too.

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Speaking of being a sucker for vector art… This light cycle tee makes me sorry that I used all of my erection talk up on yesterday’s Monkey tee. *shrug* Oh well. I guess I only have myself to blame for that one.

But Tron, man… Damn, that’s a dope shirt.

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