This shirt from Jewcy totally takes me back to my high school prom. One of our friends worked at a market and smuggled out a case of Manischewitz wine for our pre dance festivities. I don’t think any of us were Jewish, but we all managed to get pretty kosher in the parking lot. If I recall correctly, the wine didn’t taste very good. But I do remember having a good time, and I’m pretty sure that made the hangover worth it.

Of course, Manischewitz makes loads more than wine. In fact, they’re the largest manufacturer of kosher foodstuffs in the United States. I’d assume some of their products are at least a smidge better than the bottle of fermented grape juice that I consumed. If they weren’t, I’m sure they’d have gone out of business by now.

So if you have fond childhood memories of Manischewitz’s matzo – or you just want to fake some of that Hebrew funk – then this tee is definitely a worthy buy. Passover is only a month and a half away you know.

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