About a month ago I talked with Margaret Lyons from TimeOut Chicago. She wanted to do a little blurb on our goofy little weblog, so we chatted on the phone for roughly 20 minutes. I was a bit excited about the whole thing, but I wasn’t sure when the article would make its way to print. Well, the mail just arrived with a copy of issue number 1, we’re in it…

Add www.preshrunk.info to your bookmark bar right now because you’re going to be checking it constantly. Every day, Jason Cosper scours the net for interesting, unusual, funny or just plain rockin’ T-shirts, and posts a picture, description and a link with prices. From the weird (“Welcome squid overlords”) to the quirky (“Bacon is a vegetable”) to the sleek-design-geeky (“Futura,” written in, you guessed it, Futura font), Preshrunk’s got your tastes, and your torso, covered.

Cosper has been pleasantly surprised by how popular his site has become only two months after its launch. “I really love T-shirts, and I think people appreciate that.” He says the budding trend of narrowcasting – writing about one really specific topic – has contributed to Preshrunk’s success. “When you want advice on something, you go to someone passionate about it,” he says. “It seems that when people want advice on a T-shirt, they give me a holler.”

You said some very nice stuff there, Margaret. Thanks for the coverage! Your bribe should be arriving in the mail within the week.