Anyone catch Scrubs last night? If you did, you may have spotted the shirt that Zach Braff’s character Dr. Dorian was wearing. It was a nifty little number with four little drawings of origami across the front. Both the girlfriend and I were in lust… Me with the shirt and her with Zach Braff.

J. Hazelip liked the tee so much that he scrounged thru pages upon pages of Google results to find it. I love it when our readers do the work for me. Makes my job a whole lot easier.

After looking over their site, it looks like a few of Crowded Teeth’s designs have been worn by Scrubs characters. I can totally understand why. Crowded Teeth makes tees that are fresh, fun and not too cliche heavy. It’s really refreshing to see people doing something new rather than cashing in on whatever the hot trend is at Urban Outfitters.

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